WhatsApp Users To Experience New ‘Calls Tab’ Feature For Windows Desktop App

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Author: Bright Hills

WhatsApp proves that it is among the most reliable free messaging apps for a reason. Once again, it excites its users by announcing the upcoming new Calls Tab on the desktop. 

It never fails to keep everyone hooked to its consistent and frequent updates. This time, the new feature is centered around giving WhatsApp users a better experience when it comes to thorough tracking of call history and details. 

In reality, it is one of the most demanded features, so it is good news mostly to desktop users. 

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Technically speaking, using audio and video as forms to make calls is not new in WhatsApp mobile version. The specific feature was limited only to mobile devices back then. With that said, it is unsurprising that people have been asking for a desktop version that supports calls. 

Finally, the wish seemed to come true because the messaging platform is now introducing a Calls Tab for its desktop app – on the beta version, to be specific. 

Let’s discover everything relevant to this latest update on the WhatsApp desktop version below. Keep reading for more. 

More to know about WhatsApp on Desktop

Recently, WhatsApp released the sidebar in version 2.2240.1.0 beta for the Windows desktop. It has a feature that gives WhatsApp users quick access to multiple tabs, including status updates, chat lists, and settings. At the same time, it also highlights the new feature called ‘Calls Tab’ in the sidebar. 

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So far, it has been made accessible to beta testers, but it will soon be open to the public. It is expected that all WhatsApp users will experience the Calls Tab functionality. 

Now, let’s dive deeper into what to expect from WhatsApp desktop calling feature. 

How Might WhatsApp Desktop Calling Work?

According to a report about the upcoming Calls Tab feature, it is placed between the Status and New Chat options. It is located on the top-left of the WhatsApp desktop app interface. The new feature is pretty simple because users only need to click on Calls to browse the call history. 

Part of it is the option to make calls from the app itself. Since it is already an available feature on the WhatsApp version on mobile devices, it is barely surprising that the platform brings it to the desktop app. 

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What’s great about WhatsApp is that it doesn’t seem to stop improving for the users. In fact, the messaging app has added a highly useful tool, named the Call Links. 

It is a feature that lets users create a shareable link for a WhatsApp video/voice call and send it to whoever they wish to talk to. Interestingly, its beta test is done on the desktop app. Thus, many are asking if it will also be available on the web version of the messaging app. 

Final Thoughts 

Even though the Calls Tab feature does not sound like a major update in the messaging platform, many users still feel excited because it is helpful to thoroughly check call history and other details. Undeniably, that’s great news for WhatsApp users because the platform keeps improving to give users the best experience possible in reaching their loved ones for greater connection. There’s probably more to come for WhatsApp in its different versions, so it is exciting to have them since it is a free app, after all. 

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