United HealthCare’s 2023 Medicare Plans Add New Benefits, Simplicity for Consumers

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Author: David Kingsley

UnitedHealthcare unveiled its Medicare and prescription drug plans for 2023. The plan provides expanded access to customer plans that deliver a distinctive member experience. It is also complemented by better-than-ancillary benefits, lower prescription drug costs, and additional enhancement to core benefits.

The business will also broaden its network coverage to reach 95% of Medicare customers across the country and preserve a significant Medicare advantage. 


This will include 145,000 more people who are qualified for a dual special needs plan and roughly 2.3 million more individuals with access to the standard III Medicare advantage plan (D-SNP).


What’s New for UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare Plans in 2023?

New Plan Features Bring Cost Savings, Support Whole-Person Health

  • D-SNP Utilities Credit: In 2022 there were three times as many credits available to members under the combined over-the-counter (OTC) and fresh food advantages on almost all D-SNPs. The 2023 benefits will include home utilities with an average annual credit of over $2,200 when food and utility prices go up faster than the typical inflation rate. As a result, dual members have the option to use their monthly credit to pay for home utilities.
  • D-SNP Home Support: According to customer research, a new home support services benefit will be available on a few D-SNPs from UnitedHealthcare. Members get access to a $150 to $225 quarterly credit that can be used for a variety of support services, such as pest treatment, companion care, light cleaning, home improvements, yard work, and more.
  • Flex Benefit: On certain plans, a new flex benefit will allow you to keep your current dental, vision, and hearing coverage after you’ve utilized them. You can use this yearly benefit, which ranges from $150 to 750, to cover Medicare-approved products and services like hearing aid copays, prescription eyewear, out-of-network dentistry costs, and more.

Value-Added Investments Across Core and Ancillary Benefits, Popular Plan Features

  • Benefit Stability: According to the proposal, nearly 3.3 million members of normal and Chronic Special Needs Plans (C-SNPs) would pay no premium. The majority (99%) of members will enjoy unchanged or better core and prescription drug benefits. All Medicare Advantage enrollees will also experience steady ancillary benefits.
  • $0 Copays: Many members will also experience reduced copays for expert visits, like physical, occupational, and speech therapy – and $0 copays when the visit is virtual.

Prescription Drug Plan Designs Drive Down Consumer Costs

  • Chronic Condition Support: Diabetes supplies will be available on tier 2 for all individuals enrolled in C-SNPs, who do not receive Extra Help, with no copays while using delivery service, and insulin will be available for $25 ($10 cheaper than regular plans). Eight drugs on a lower drug tier that treat cardiovascular disease will be available to C-SNP members.
  • Part D Coverage Gap: Tier 1 gap coverage will continue to be offered by all standard plans, preventing additional expenses during the coverage gap and making sure financial constraints do not prevent members from taking their medications as prescribed.
  • $0 Drug Copays on Dual Special Needs Plans (D-SNP): In order to provide much-needed savings to even more Dual members than any other carrier, UnitedHealthcare will continue to extend access to $0 copays on approved medications to 96% of its members participating in D-SNPs.

Distinctive Offerings Support a Superior Member Experience

  • Medicare National Network: By 2023, over 3.1 million existing members and nearly 96% of those in UnitedHealthcare’s service area will be able to access the country’s largest Medicare Advantage network, which will feature more plans. Each time a member visits one of the more than 1 million network healthcare professionals, whether locally or outside, they are responsible for covering network charges.

High-Touch Member Support: From ordinary to complicated requirements, UnitedHealthcare gives members specialized help through programs like HouseCalls, UnitedHealthcare At Home, and Navigate4Me.



UnitedHealthcare is committed to providing quality healthcare coverage and access to care for its members. Its 2023 Medicare plans continue this commitment, with innovative new benefits and an enhanced member experience. They’ve redesigned the plans to make them simpler and more user-friendly, with fewer options and a more streamlined design. This makes it easier for you to find the coverage that’s right for you.


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