Tiktok Influencer Made Wild Claim that John McAfee is the Creator of Bitcoin

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Author: Williams Jones

Remarkably, a wild claim has been the center of the buzz in the cryptocurrency world. As an innovative payment network and digital currency, Bitcoin undeniably had many people interested in it. Of course, part of the exciting thing about it is its creator, which remains hidden. Hence, when a TikTok influencer with the user name :Harry the Soul Coach” declared that John McAfee is the creator of Bitcoin, the news made headlines. 

The TikTok influencer also goes on with another bold claim that John McAfee is still alive. That’s a wild statement and belief to announce, right? Well, what convinced Harry the Soul Coach into believing that John McAfee is the creator of Bitcoin is because of John’s background as the creator of the McAfee internet security software, which claims McAfee to have a backdoor to users’ computers. 

So true, the skills and expertise that John McAfee has, are somewhat reasonable to link him to have a connection to Bitcoin. Also, the cause of his death ignites conspiracy theories. 

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John McAfee and the Conspiracy Theories

Officially, Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of the Bitcoin creator. Before the wild claim made by TikTok influencer, Harry the Soul Coach, many tried to claim the identity themselves, but was not proven. Out of many people’s curiosity, some conspiracy theories about John McAfee had become widespread.

The top reason for the conspiracy theories is several YouTube interviews with John McAfee showing that he has a solid and convincing knowledge of Blockchain. 

Some interviews also demonstrate that McAfee enjoyed topics like LSD microdose. 

One of the most remarkable statements that McAfee said in interviews is about the Blockchain as the first technology that didn’t come from the guts of the government. 

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What’s more interesting is that he shared that the Blockchain’s first application was cryptocurrency. Indeed, those statements seemed to connect the dots for conspiracy theorists, including TikTok Influencer Harry the Soul Coach.

Interesting Criminal Elements

John McAfee faced legal issues and even reported that he died in his prison cell. Ironically, McAfee’s popular claim is that criminals can easily use Bitcoin. Specifically, he said criminals are always the first to accept new technologies—this pushed TikTok influencer Harry into thinking that McAfee set up Bitcoin to monitor what criminals were doing and get something from them. 

Harry the Soul Coach then goes on to claim boldly that Bitcoin’s value today does not make sense since it is just about cryptocurrency, as he also believes that no one uses Bitcoin anymore since it has zero confidentiality. Some other bold claims by the influencer are still unverified.

Final Thoughts

While it seems that TikTok influencer Harry the Soul Coach’s wild claims are somewhat believable at some point, they will remain a conspiracy theory until the actual creator of Bitcoin debunks or verifies them. They may stay that way for a longer period, because Satoshi Nakamoto has been admitted to be excellent in hiding. 

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Who do you think the creator of Bitcoin is, and why is he hiding?

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