Test Products and Get Free Stuff From PINCHme, Goodie Box, and Pinecone Research

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Author: Joanne Burk

Product testing is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable hobbies you can try out. Interestingly, it is more fun when you try out items that are not yet on the market. 

PINCHme, Daily Goodie Box, and Pinecone Research are the best sites if you are considering venturing into trying out freebie products.

These platforms offer different products for free in exchange for honest feedback and reviews. Reviews are valuable on the platform because they are needed to improve the items distributed.

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If you have some free time you can spare and are searching for a satisfying thing to do, this might be a great chance. Check out how to join PINCHme, Daily Goodie Box, and Pinecone Research and what their membership entails. 


You can join PINCHme if you would like to try out new products without paying any money. Fortunately, everything is completely free, from the items to the shipping fee. Also, the website doesn’t require you to provide your credit card information. 

Here is how it works:

  • Go to the PINCHme site and create your account. 
  • Fill out the needed details, including your name, contact number, and address.
  • Check the sample release date and order your free samples. 
  • Choose from the major categories, including; personal care, grocery, pet, baby, home, health, and beauty. 
  • Test the products you ordered.
  • Leave your review and feedback on the site. 
Advantages of PINCHme
  • The site is mobile-friendly
  • Members can choose the sample products they want to try out
  • The platform has a wide variety of freebies to order from
Disadvantages of PINCHme
  • No monetary compensation
  • The referral program is not rewarding
  • There are fewer earning opportunity

Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box is a site that has no standard rule in giving products to review. Furthermore, it takes luck to get freebies from the site. However, there is no need to doubt it because it is legit. The platforms actually send free items in exchange for reviews. 

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Here is how it works:

  • Go to the Daily Goodie Box’s site.
  • Get started by creating an account. 
  • Provide the required details, such as name and address.
  • Wait to be selected as a winner or increase your chance by visiting Daily Goodie Box’ social media platforms, including Facebook PageTwitter, and Instagram accounts. 
  • Receive the box of free items. Products are often under three categories: food, health, and beauty. 
  • Do the product testing.
  • Go back to the site and provide reviews. 

Not every member will receive a freebie but if you are lucky, make sure you provide feedback to boost your chance of getting another free box.

Advantages of Daily Goodie Box
  • There is a generous amount of freebies in each box
  • The review process doesn’t take too long to finish
  • It is completely free to receive sample products
Disadvantages of Daily Goodie Box
  • The site has a lot of ads
  • Limited category of product samples 
  • Doesn’t offer an opportunity to earn

Pinecone Research 

Pinecone Research is operated by a marketing research firm: Nielsen. That is why it has better rules for offering different products and services. In fact, you need an invitation to join their program. Besides that, it is also different from the other sites since it offers a money-making opportunity. 

Here is how it works:

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  • Go to the Pinecone Research site and make an account. 
  • Wait for the invitation.
  • Answer surveys. 
  • Earn rewards points that you claim as cash.
  • Gain a chance to participate in product testing. 
Advantages of Pinecone Research 
  • Surveys are easy to understand
  • Cash-out anytime
  • High payouts
Disadvantages of Pinecone Research
  • Not always accepting new members
  • Requires more time to be matched to take a survey
  • Point system instead of cash

In a Nutshell

Even though it is always thrilling to receive free products to test out, you still need to wait because joining any of the programs doesn’t mean you can instantly receive freebies. At the very least, shipping takes time. Nonetheless, if testing products is your thing, it will surely be satisfying to try out the freebie programs simultaneously. 

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