Spotify Rival: TikTok Is Launching a Music Application

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Author: Dave Jackson

The TikTok platform heavily emphasizes music in its user interface. It appears it plans to strengthen its connection with music fans by releasing a new app. 

Insider found patent papers indicating that ByteDance, the parent firm of TikTok, has a trademark “TikTok Music” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 

Following this application, TikTok Music may be the newest rival to Apple Music and Spotify. 

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Possible uses of TikTok music

TikTok is already a great place to find new music. Additionally, it promotes songs to the top of rankings like the Billboard 100, Spotify Viral 50, and curated playlists on Apple Music.

While the US trademark application for TikTok music has already been made. It might be used for “a wide range of products and services, such as a mobile app enabling users to buy, share, download music, play, songs, lyrics, and albums.

The TikTok Music app may also be used to live stream audio and video, modify and upload pictures as the covers of playlists, and reply to songs and albums, among other features. 

If it does, Apple Music and Spotify will face formidable opposition. For instance, TikTok is the only app other than Facebook to have received more than 3 billion downloads worldwide, and it has been proven to be a powerful tool for musicians to gain more exposure.

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What advantages could TikTok Music offer artists?

The app might be well received by users, most especially upcoming artists. It provides a brand-new channel for generating streaming income and the chance to connect with untapped markets. You can be confident that the royalty split will be set up to draw in new creators, which is a promising possibility.

TikTok Music Could Change the Game.

TikTok Music, on the other hand, seems like a fairly obvious next step for the social media startup, assuming there are no hiccups along the way. Because of the ways that dance, and meme fads have taken over song snatches and made them go viral, TikTok is among the finest places to find new music.

TikTok Music would make it much simpler to access the full versions of popular songs – particularly if you’re searching for a cover or remix instead of an original song. 

Users might be able to hit a few buttons on TikTok and immediately be directed to the complete track on TikTok Music instead of having to sift through track lists on competing services.

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If this comes to pass, TikTok Music might even incorporate some of TikTok’s originality. The trademark talks about allowing users to alter audio and video, maybe allowing users to make and share their remixes and music videos.

The events of the upcoming weeks and months will have to wait, but Apple and Spotify will need to be on the lookout. The user bases of these other applications may soon be absorbed by TikTok, which is already displacing Google Maps as the greatest way to identify new destinations to explore.

Final Remarks

Do you have an Apple Music or Spotify subscription? Would you be open to switching if TikTok eventually launches a music streaming service? Share your thoughts.

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