Refinancing a Car: Pros and Cons

by J B

When it comes to loans, insurance, and other financial services like particularly Refinancing of a Car then, it’s always a good idea to search around for great offers. However, refinancing a car has both benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s start with the Pros and Cons of refinancing a car before you make a decision of doing such.

Pros of refinancing your car loan

There are numerous advantages to refinancing your vehicle. The advantages are listed below.

1.       You can save money by paying less interest

You can be qualifying for a cheaper interest rate if you had no bad credit when you purchase your car and your credit has indeed improved. This is particularly true if you have made on-time repayments for the previous six to twelve months. Also, rates of interest may get declined in general, or maybe you’ve agreed to a higher rate than you qualified for to get a better bargain on the car.

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In any case, lowering your existing loan rate by 1% or more could save you enough money in interest over the duration of the loan to make refinancing beneficial.

2.       Reduce your monthly installments

What if, on the other hand, you’re having trouble getting your current payments into the budget? In that situation, a longer loan term can help you save money on your monthly payments.

Even if you don’t want to expand your loan term, your payments may also be lowered if you refinance. That’s the allure of a lower interest rate.

3.       You may be able to pay off your loan earlier

If your income has increased since you purchased your car, you may also want to consider refinancing your Car to a relatively short term with a cheaper interest rate to pay it off earlier. You could; of course, pay more on your existing auto payment. However refinancing can let you redirect more of such money to principle amount, enabling you to save even more.

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The Cons of refinancing a car

For some people, refinancing a car has never been the best option. Here are several risks that may or may not exceed the advantages in your case.

  • You’ll almost certainly have to pay refinancing fees

Cost of refinancing a car loan depends on the lender as well as the terms of your existing loans. Some charges are impacted by the quality you live in, so consider that. Check your deal and discuss with your lender and see if there are any penalties for changing your loan. Look into the rules for refinancing in your state as well.

  • Your credit score will suffer for a while

Refinancing does have an impact on your credit because it substitutes an existing loan with a new loan. When lenders check your credit, this is referred to as a “hard inquiry,” and it can reduce your credit score for up to two years.

  • You could wind up upside down

You can wind up paying more than your car’s worth if you refinance to increase your term or take cash out of your ownership. You’ll have to cover the fee to the lender if you consider trading off the car, which can be cost much than before.

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Bottom Line

When it comes to making financial choices, knowledge is your greatest ally. Start by analyzing all of the above Pros and Cons of refinancing a car and getting rates from several lenders.

Once you’ve received a few estimates, record the data into the auto loan refinance calculators to see how much you can save or not.

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