Planning a Shopping Ban? Let’s know how to plan and stick to it

by J B

The consumer has a nasty tendency of sneaking up on us. We live in a culture and society that is constantly pushing stuff upon us. No matter how simple we want to live, how potential we want to live from time to time we need to evaluate our life and consumerist habit.

We are going to know a little more about what a shopping ban might look like for you, but before Let us tell you it’s going to be exactly what you want it to be. You will find it beneficial when you bring it to practice.

What is a Shopping Ban?

Shopping Ban is a method of deciding to restrict yourself to shopping for a certain thing to save your money. You don’t go shopping for Clothes, Jeweler, shoes and many other things which are necessary at the time. It is proper based on your decision to restrict yourself to buy something even if you want to buy it immediately.

Way to stick on the Shopping Ban Plan

Some of the useful ways to ban from shopping are given below –

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  • Make rules-You have to make rules on the shopping items. By that, you can know what you need and what you don’t. This helps you one restricting to buy unnecessary items. For example, you can make rules for No shopping on clothes, jewelry, or purses. You can avoid shopping for new makeup products. Such rules help you to categories your essentials and help to save money. When you are done with making rules you must learn to stick to them. Sticking to it will help to reach the financial goal faster.
  • Pick a timeframe- When you decide to ban shopping. You might be thinking of how long? It needs at least a week or one month. It is the tricky and tempting part but that’s the catch. You have to stick to your own rules and goals. In the beginning, choose a reasonable time and afterward increase the timeframe and add more if you want to. Most importantly pick start and end dates and don’t pick a timeframe of so long in the beginning because you might slip up.
  • Avoid temptation-Once you begin to ban shopping you need to remember the reason you are doing for. You might feel tempted by the deals and offer while scrolling through shopping website on your phone. Avoid surfing shopping apps and websites. Always focus on the rules and goals. Start doing some other works like reading, working to avoid such temptations. Try to get rid of the old habit of making a bucket list of shopping accessories or clothes.
  • Focus on your goal-When you decide to Ban Shopping you certainly start with some Goals. When you Focus on your Goals then it becomes easy to stick to the rules. Your goals can be monetary to save for the future. It develops a healthy habit of saving some cash in the pocket which can be a savior in times of need.  
  • Remember shopping is not a necessity- Groceries, food, and transport are necessities. You need to categorize things that are important at the time and cut off the things which are not essential.  


Avoiding shopping for a while is difficult for the people who are fond of it but once you decide to restrict yourself on spending much it can benefit you in so many ways.

Believe that you can change your habit, set aside cash, and get a new attitude toward shopping. Your shopping ban will work to reach your goal, It just requires time and practice. Deciding to Ban shopping or boycotting is an indication of monetary security.

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