Is Home Equity Loan A Good Option For Paying Of Debts?

by J B

It may be hard to get out of debt if you have big balances over one or more bank cards. It could take years, if not decades, to pay off your credit cards if you can only make minimum monthly payments. If you own your home, one thing is to take out a home equity loan to pay off your credit card debt with the proceeds. But, before you do, think about the hazards and potential options.

What Is a Home Equity Loan?

A home equity loan allows you to borrow against the property’s value that has grown over time. If the house costs $300,000 but you pay $200,000 upon the mortgage, you have $100,000 in equity.

A bank, credit union, or another lender may be ready to offer you funding based upon your equity. Other criteria, like the credit score, will determine how much you would owe however if you would get a loan whatsoever.

Benefits of a Home Equity Loan for Debt Relief

The main benefit of getting a home equity loan to pay off credit card debt is that you’ll typically get a lower interest rate than you would on a credit card. If you use a home equity loan to pay off many credit cards, it will cut your costs by only dealing with one bill each month rather than several.

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Interest on a home equity loan was once tax-deductible, but not on credit cards. The interest on home equity loans is now deductible only if you use the loan to “purchase, build, or substantially renovate” the home that secures the loan, thanks to the Tax Act of 2017.

Downsides of Using a Home Equity Loan to Pay Off Debt

The biggest disadvantage of taking out a home equity loan to pay off debt or for any other reason is that you’ll be putting your house up for sale. Because your home serves as security for the loan, just as it did for your original mortgage, unless you default on the loan, a creditor may grab or resell it.

If you can’t pay off the debt, you’ll face major financial penalties, particularly if your credit score suffers. Credit card debt, on the other hand, is not secured by your property; therefore you’ll be less likely to lose it. Even if the debt forces you to close down, you should usually keep the primary house.

Other Ways to Pay off Debt

If it starts paying off credit debt, the home equity loan isn’t the only choice. Here are a couple more ideas:

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·         Transfer your debt to credit with a lower interest.

You can transfer balances of other credit cards to some credit cards. This may sound right when you can get a new credit card at a cheaper rate.

·         Take out a debt consolidation loan

A mortgage refinances from a bank, credit union, or another respectable lender may be able to help to pay off your credit card debt. Debt consolidation loans provide cheaper interest rates than credit cards.

·         Borrow from your 401(k) plan

Several 401(k) plans allow you to borrow money from your account. For starters, the loan must be repaid within five years, or sooner if you quit your work. Furthermore, if anyone is unable to return the loan, it will be classified as a withdrawal, resulting in income taxes and a 10% penalty on the outstanding sum.


If all goes to plan, a home equity loan can be a good option to pay off elevated debt. It could, however, cost you your home in the worst-case situation. A home equity loan, on the other hand, can be riskier if one’s business is in jeopardy but you don’t have other financial ability to fall back on whether you miss it.

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