Interesting Facts about Currencies Around the World

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If you are traveling or planning to travel abroad you must have to undergo a currency exchange procedure where your currency is exchanged by the country’s currency in which you are visiting. Do you know these currencies themselves have a major story to be told? Here, we have listed down some of the interesting facts about currencies all around the globe.


Facts about Currencies in the world

  • There is a currency in the world that was found 12,000 years ago- the British Pound.
  • Nineteen European countries use ‘ EURO’.
  • You can imagine a country using other country notes. The same happened in Pakistan After the Independence Pakistan used Indian currency with Pakistani stamps on it until they printed their currency.
  • The same happened in Aden, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Kenya, Uganda, Seychelles, Qatar, Mauritius, and the Trucial States. They used Indian currency in the early 20th century.
  • On the backside of the $1000 note in Singapore, their entire national anthem is printed in very very small text.
  • The tree printed on the $5 note is Tembusu.
  • Polymer notes are used by most of the Countries as they are 3-4 times longer and are tear-resistant.
  • There is the smallest note in the world which is measured 27.5mm by 38mm and is considered as the world’s smallest note and it is Romania 10 bani.
  • To make Banknotes no trees are slashed they take the use cotton and linen to make the notes. They mix them and make them like paper in which notes can be printed.
  • The first motto which was engraved in US coins was “ mind your business”.
  • If US coins are combined they will form a shield-like picture.
  • Only 8% of the total world’s currency is in cash.
  • The world’s total stockpiles of money are 2.5 times less than the Global debts.
  • Coins with pictures of star wars, Pokémon and Disney Frozen are legal tender in the Island of Niue.
  • New English note of £5 can play Vinyl records.
  • The new $5 Australian bill can also play Vinyl records.
  • The new English note of £5 contain traces of animal fat.
  • Australian and Canadian banknotes are also manufactured with Animal fats.
  • Each Us penny costs double in manufacture than its actual value.
  • Like coins have a lifespan of 30 years or sometimes longer than that while a $1 bill in the US just last for 18 months on average and $50 and $100 banknotes to a life span of nine years.
  • 9.7 tones of special green-colored Ink is used in the US  bureau of engraving and printing every single day.
  • Most of the banknotes contain traces of Cocaine.
  • A European Banknote is a home for nearly 26,000 colonies of bacteria.
  • On £1 coin, there are more germs than on a toilet seat.
  • Banknotes which are made by Polymer are three times cleaner than the regular bills.
  • In the US more than real cash monopoly money is printed.
  • Appearing in the banknotes of the US while living is banned. Only a person after death will appear in Banknotes of US.
  • $1.48 Trillion ( A massive number) is currently in circulation worldwide.
  • The world’s least valuable coin is a bit more valuable than nothing.
  • A study has shown that 94% of the US bills are contaminated with bacteria out of 7 % are potentially harmful. Anthrax traces are found on US banknotes.

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