In the Footsteps of “Tik Tok” .. “YouTube” Enters the World of Shopping

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Author: Mike Ross

YouTube is working with qualified content providers in the U. S to sell items via their online stores. 

The tool allows users to purchase products while scrolling through short clips.

The Google representative said they would continue to provide goods tagging for more content creators. 

Moving forward, viewers in the United States, India, Brazil, Canada, and Australia will have exclusive access to this tool.


YouTube Ventures into E-commerce

E-commerce flourished very well during the Covid-19 pandemic, the sales skyrocketing was triggered by the stay-at-home policy and social distancing.

Fadi Ramzy, a digital media expert, and lecturer at the American University in Cairo stated in an interview with Sky News Arabia: “that boom prompted social media companies to enter the field of e-commerce, and “Facebook” and then “Instagram”, followed by “Tik Tok” recently, and “YouTube” are finally experimenting.

Is YouTube a New Competitor to Social Media Networks?

YouTube’s decision to stay up with technological growth by offering the services supplied by rivals is a significant step forward in e-Commerce. 

Youtube coined the “Shorts” short clip feature from “TikTok.” After a huge success, it followed in TikTok’s footsteps and entered the shopping world, boosting rivalry.

After careful consideration, you may conclude that YouTube is copying TikTok. On the other hand, these concepts might have existed for a long time but were never realized.


A Brand New Feature from Youtube: We Live Together

TikTok reported testing an electronic purchasing function within the app. It was not his first step into the business of e-commerce. TikTok had recently tried to integrate a platform (Shopify) program, allowing customers to purchase from the app.

To compete with TikTok, YouTube launched a new tool called “We Live Together.” 

The feature provides an opportunity for content creators to invite visitors for a live stream. New features are being tried for influencers to sell through their video clips.

“Shorts” is the New Way to Reach Customers

“YouTube considered the short clips feature to be its strong point. It is reasonable and expected at a time when short videos have become the first and most important form of content to attract users”, Ramsay said. 


That is why it was not strange to launch a feature that aids the selling and advertising of goods through short videos.

This popularity of “Shorts” has come months after YouTube unveiled a new way for content producers to generate money through short video clips, which is also borrowed from “Tik Tok” following its enormous success. Furthermore, YouTube adds advertising in short clips and pays makers 45 percent of the revenue.


YouTube may grow much more popular shortly. It’s fantastic that YouTube doesn’t improvise but instead follows a well-thought-out scenario and incorporates well-known functionalities. YouTube is used by almost 2 billion people each month and receives about 15 billion views daily. The popularity and entry of YouTube into E-commerce is an excellent way to bring out and improve the system.



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