How Watching Haul Videos Destroy Your Finances

by J B

It’s all well and good to see haul videos now and then. You might come across a new brand or a coupon code for an item you’ve wanted to purchase. What happens, however, when haul videos become a habit or an obsession? It does exploit your Pocket.

In a variety of ways, watching haul videos can harm your money. However, ignoring the genuine signals make these videos have a negative impact on your finances. Below are the given ways How it affects your finance.

7 Ways How Haul Videos Affects Finances

Here are seven ways how those watching haul videos can deplete your bank account:

  1. It Leads you to spend all of your income

Even if you’ve carefully laid out a monthly budget, your efforts can be undone in a couple of moments. A Vlogger will typically show hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of items in a normal clothing haul video.

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Fast fashion may be economical in tiny doses, but that isn’t once you’re loading shopping cart after shopping cart with stuff. When you watch someone spend that much money, it’s difficult to recall what the everyday world is like and what your budget is.

  •  Make you want to buy the stuff you can’t afford

Watching “ordinary” individuals purchase a large number of items normalizes what we believe we should have. Watching haul videos can lead to you spending money to meet an unrealistic ideal. When you watch haul videos, you might not realize that many vloggers are provided the things in return for endorsing or exhibiting them on their channel.

As a result, it will, however, cost you money if it encourages you to purchase items that you cannot afford.

  • Makes you overconsume

You could be tempted to do some online shopping after watching a fancy haul video. Seeing haul videos might lead to overconsumption and overspending. Many others watch haul videos and end up buying stuff we never had an idea existed before. Try-on-haul videos might lead you wrong by focusing on the wrong issues, such as consumption instead of conserving.

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  • Misleads your financial goals

Having goals is important for financial success. It might be difficult to stay on track regarding your financial goals once you become obsessed with collecting more and that becomes your priority.

  • It is a waste of time

Your spare time is valuable and often limited due to work, home, and other responsibilities. Do you want to waste that time watching strangers try on endless outfits?

Consider how much you could perform with just that time which might genuinely help you financially. Rather than wasting your time watching fashion hauls, spend it on yourself by understanding personal finance.

  • Makes you want to spend your money on fast fashion

Fast fashion is the subject of so many try-on-haul videos. Typically, the clothing is low-cost and temporary. You’ll end up spending more money over the long term, even if you don’t spend a lot of money on the products. Also, keep in mind that many of the influencers in clothing haul videos are offered the items. You could be fooled into spending money on fast fashion that will be tossed out as soon as it comes.

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7.       Can put you into credit card debt

Finally, Surfing haul videos are a useful tactic to easily load up credit card debt. When you’re watching a video on your phone or computer, an online shopping basket is just a few clicks away.

It’s tough to get free from the cycle of credit card debt once you’ve fallen into it, and watching try-on-haul videos isn’t going to help you stay debt-free.


Haul videos have a larger adverse influence on society than they do on your wallet. Fast fashion, in particular, has an adverse impact on finance and is known for exploiting garment manufacturing people.

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