How To Write An Effective Business Proposal

by contentwriter

Author: Oliver Brown

Your business proposal is one of the most important documents you will ever write. It is essentially your sales pitch to potential clients, and it needs to be persuasive and well-written if you want to win over new business. 

The good news is that there are some tried and true methods for writing an effective business proposal. 

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Define Your Objectives

Your first step in writing a perfect business proposal is to define your objectives. 

If you are looking for funding, you should include the amount you need. However, if your proposal is not about funding, it is a wise option to include the project budget. 

The next step is to state the reason for your proposal. State your problem and possible solutions that are available to you. People need to know what you are proposing before they can invest in your project.

Therefore, it is recommended that you point out all potential obstacles and the help needed to actualize the project. 

Step 2: Exercise Your Creativity

Now it’s time to get creative. Be sure to use the whole outline, and include any information that might be missing. 

Add graphs, charts, figures, and equations, if you want to go beyond want to stand out from most business proposals. 

Be sure to include persuasive language and details that appeal to the reader. Be specific, but don’t overwrite! 

Step 3: Ensure You Have Their Attention

To get your business proposal noticed, you need to understand your buyer. Who they are, and What they are looking for. 

When they read your proposal, will they see a solution to their problem? Why are you the person to bring that solution?

As you write, be sure to keep your buyer in mind. Pretend you’re speaking to them and focus more on what they can benefit from partnering with you. With that in mind, you will be able to write an effective proposal. 

Step 4: Quote the Company and Tell a Story

This is one of the important steps you should be careful with. When you quote the company in your proposal, this often shows you know about their brand, and you have their interest at heart. 

Quotes from famous people work better than quotes from the CEO. Try to include a quote and explain why your solution will benefit that company. 

For example, if your product is about a product, emphasize how it can benefit the company.

If you’re writing about a customer service issue, explain how your idea will help and save the company money. 

Step 5: Wrap It Up

Finally, put a bow on it. Summarize your proposal and end it with a positive and appreciative remark. 

Quick Tips for Writing an Outstanding Proposal

  • Keep the length to around one page. Longer proposals are harder to read and remember.
  • Use bullet points, numbers, and bold print to help your ideas stand out. – Use simple, direct language. Complex language only serves to confuse.
  • Proofread twice. Once for mistakes and once for style.


Finally, your business proposal should be about your client’s needs and how your company intends to address them. Table out your ideas comprehensively to allow your clients to understand your plan and see you as a reputable brand. 

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