How to Take Care of Your Heart and Lungs Better During Winter Season

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While the winter season is enjoyable in some ways because it is a special time when good food are the highlights, it is still hard to deny that cold weather has disadvantages and risks. Specifically, it can take a toll on the heart and lungs. In fact, low temperatures can cause blood vessels to narrow, restricting blood flow and reducing the amount of oxygen reaching the heart. 

This struggle pushes the heart to work harder, which can lead to further problems and discomfort. 

The negative effect on the immune system and the possibility of heart attack are the main reasons to start taking better care of health.  

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Remarkably, the winter season can cause more severe health issues than people are aware of. The minor health threats about various respiratory issues include bronchitis, cold, cough, and wheezing. Meanwhile, there are also problems with heart problems like heart attacks or chest pain and problems in the lungs. Also, the winter season is bothersome for joints and skin. For these reasons, it is better to prepare for the winter season as it is not as safe as we think it is.  

Now, let’s know better the negative effects of the winter season on the heart and lungs. Keep reading to learn more. 

How Cold Weather Negatively Impacts Heart

The cold weather condition forces the heart to beat faster, causing an increase in blood pressure. Certainly, the sudden drop in the temperature because of the winter season will increase the risk of experiencing high blood pressure and, ultimately, heart attack. One thing is for sure, the winter season is somewhat unsafe, especially for those with heart conditions, since there can be a negative impact on the heart. 

How the Winter Season Triggers Lung Problems

During the winter season, the cases of asthma and other respiratory issues increase significantly. The reason for this is that the lungs, together with other internal organs, are forced to work harder in order to keep the body warm. Among the effects of the struggles of the lungs to function during cold weather include asthma attacks, bronchitis, sore throat, cold, breathlessness, chest tightness, and lung irritation. Ultimately, the blood vessels and arteries narrow to keep the body warm, which we all should avoid happening during the winter season. 

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Helpful tips to take care of your heart and lungs in the winter season

Save yourself from health complications during the winter by following these helpful tips to better care for your heart and lungs. 

  • Stay indoors

As much as possible, it is better to stay indoors if the weather outside is too cold. Besides that, it is much more helpful to exercise at home to keep the body warm. You may also find a hot water bottle or electric blanket highly useful in keeping you warm and comfortable. 

  • Dress according to the weather

This tip should be a basic strategy in dealing with the winter season. With this, it is better to wear full-sleeved clothes, sweaters, and gloves. Warm up yourself by wearing several thin layers of clothes, even if you are inside your house. 

  • Avoid strenuous activities

Even though it is important to stay active even in the winter season, it is important to avoid any strenuous activity that may cause uncomfortable strain on the heart. Just stay active enough to maintain the right fitness levels. 

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  • Follow a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle means eating a well-balanced diet, including lots of hot meals and drinks, and exercising. This can also help you give your heart the extra energy needed and enhance the lungs’ functioning. 

  • Drink enough water, avoid unhealthy food

In order to effectively take care of your lungs, you need to drink an adequate amount of water that is not cold. While doing that, it is also helpful to take some steam and avoid sodas, ice cream, and colas. 

  • Wear Face mask 

Judging by appearance, it is hard to determine sick people. That’s why it is helpful to wear a facemask, especially when going outside or in any crowded place. More than that, try to maintain healthy hygiene to save you from being sick.  


If you know that you are vulnerable to cold weather, following the tips above will surely be beneficial. After all, you can enjoy more if you feel healthy and comfortable with the winter season. The solution is always simple: paying attention to what makes you alive and taking care of them better. 

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