How to get started investing

by J B

Anyone who has thought about their financial future has certainly thought about how to start investing. The verb may sound like a distant possibility for many people. But the truth is that there are many ways to invest – from the most affordable to the most sophisticated.

Knowing them, choosing your own and taking the first steps should be among the priorities of those who dream of having a comfortable life for themselves and their family.

If you are unsure about how to start investing, this guide explains the basic concepts of the financial market and investments, in a straightforward and uncomplicated way. Check out:

• Is it possible to invest with little money?
• Is it worth investing in debt?
• Basic concepts that every investor needs to know
• Relationship between risk and return
• Types of investment
• How to start investing

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Is it possible to invest with little money?
Before starting it is important to demystify some maxims taken as absolute truths. For example, many people think that investing is something for millionaires. That it takes a lot of money to be able to start. But, in fact, it is not.

In many cases, the opposite is true: investing slowly and regularly, even if only a small amount, the wealth grows over time.

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There are investment alternatives for all budgets, levels of knowledge and time of dedication.

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In fixed income, federal public securities traded in Tesouro Direto are available for very small amounts. It is possible to start shopping in the system from R $ 30 – as little as a pizza costs.

For those who have managed to save a little more, it is possible to invest in CDBs – very common papers in the banking sector – with R $ 500 or less.

But is it really worth starting with so little? The answer is yes. Think of a CBD, for example. The remuneration of this type of paper follows the logic of compound interest. It means that the returns received over time are incorporated into the investor’s equity, and start earning interest as well.

Whoever invested R $ 1,000 in a CDB with 5% interest will have R $ 1,050 at the end of the first year – and the 5% referring to the following year will be applied to this new value, instead of just the initial R $ 1,000. The gains, therefore, are exponential, not linear.

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And not only in fixed income, there are options even for smaller amounts. In variable income, this possibility also exists. Some investment funds require initial investments starting at R $ 500.

For those who already know a little about the Stock Exchange, it is possible to invest low values ​​in shares using the fractional market – in which the papers are sold individually, in amounts smaller than a standard lot, normally of 100 shares.

The message is clear: how about starting to invest even if it is a small amount, with some product that allows smaller contributions, instead of waiting to have a larger amount and only then take the first step? Starting early is important because the earnings accumulate, generating even greater gains in the future.

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