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Catch these coffees and brains, and get articles that are ready to binge on some epic today! If Rockstar Finance was around I’d place these straight up on the market, womp womp…
So many of these got me believing HARD, and they have exactly the same impact on you… Specially the David Cain and Elizabeth Gilbert bits. I really don’t understand how folks are smart, but thank goodness we have them
Happy Friday!!

My Bill Murray Approach To Working In Retirement through the Freak –“Bill Murray is superbly Difficult to reach. By refusing to have an agent, he bucks the principles of the entertainment system. Instead he has a toll free 1-800 number which goes directly to voicemail. Those who will get his number and telephone have two minutes. If he’s interested he will respond to email other information or a script to. There is auditioning that is unlimited, stroking, or no schmoozing. No duties, expectations, or anxieties to jump into anything with anybody. He isn’t motivated by money and you can’t if he’s in or out.”
How to Make a Thousand Bucks an Hour via Mr. Money Mustache –“Earlier this monthI jumped exactly this thought with the members of my coworking area, proposing that we form a team with the witty name”The Optimization Council.” The Council would meet to talk through the main expenses and opportunities of life, and harvest the wisdom of this team so we can all benefit in the ideas in each class. The answer to this notion was overwhelmingly favorable.”
Olen calls out FinCon, the media conference last week, I attended. I adore FinCon. She does not. She is frustrated that so many members of the community emphasize personal action and responsibility rather than directing our efforts toward changing the systemic and social problems which make it difficult for some people to be successful.”

It’s funny how when you begin living simply that each of the pieces start to fall in place and the hard decisions with money start to become automatic.”
The ability of saying,”So what?” I have decided to strategically”waste” money in areas of interest in which I have never dared to spend before.”
This 50-Year-Old Dog Walker Retired After Earning More Than $1 Million via MarketWatch –“Many people dream of working independently. Many, of course, dream of earning money doing. Many also dream of working three days a week. Morrison was able to do all of that.”

And since he started this job, his mom, Suzy Fortgang, said she has started getting $2 bills with her shift.”
In Praise of The Inner Crone! Via Elizabeth Gilbert –“We live in a society which romanticizes youth. We live in a culture where youth is considered a real achievement. You examine a strong crone like the girl in this picture and you see we’re — to imagine that the youthful offer considerably for us to aspire to, or find out from. No equanimity such as the equanimity of someone who plants a garden directly on top of a nuclear tragedy and gets on with it.”
Becoming Starving In America Is Hard Work via NPR –“Starving men and women are everywhere: You can not necessarily tell who they’re in a glance. They work with you and reside in your neighborhood. They’re members of your church and family. They may even be standing in front of you like I was, sharply dressed into their own mother’s hand-me-down suit, requesting their community for a little help.”

“I Was Lacking in Enough Energy, Time and Attention” by Cal Newport –“Driven from these somber truths, he came into a very simple disclosure:”life could be better when I cut back.” A decision, as it turns out, he looked. Perhaps most notable among the many changes he implemented, Robert replaced his smartphone with a Nokia 3310 (view the above image) — a popular alternative among the digital minimalists, as it boasts clean interfaces and its battery lasts indefinitely.”
Unbeknownst to another individual, I have gone from quietly resenting them to quietly watching out for them. For the brief time we are in precisely the same area, I’m well prepared to leap into action should they want any sort of help.”
And then lastly, a few traces I can not stop thinking about:

“You understand yourself mainly by your own thoughts.
You are known by everyone in the world only by your actions.
Bear in mind this when you are feeling misunderstood.
You must say or do something for others to understand how you’re feeling.”
– James Clear

Happy weekend, everyone!

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