Creative TikTok Home Hacks You Haven’t Seen Before

Maximize Your Living Space

by James Stillston

TikTok has developed into a platform for a variety of content producers recently, including chefs, comedians, and dancers. Yet home hacks, a new craze, are taking over the app. TikTok users share their favorite do-it-yourself fixes for typical household issues, some of which are just brilliant. These household hacks, which range from cleaning your showerhead to arranging your fridge, are helpful and simple to implement. Here are some TikTok home hacks worth trying out if you’re searching for inspiration to spruce up your living environment.


Use a Tension Rod to Create More Storage Space.

You can hang baskets or hooks to store things like cleaning supplies, spices, or toiletries by positioning the tension rod close to the top of the cabinet. In addition to saving space, this hack makes it simpler to access and find stuff.

@elnazhamai Tension Rod is one of the easiest under the sink organizer hack. #tensionrod #homehacks #storagesolution #organizeunderthesink #savespace #cabinetorganization #organizedkitchen #underthesinkorganization #tensionrods #commandhooks ♬ Keep It Goin’ – Deorro & Danny Avila

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Pool Noodle Can Protect Your Car Door

Another brilliant home improvement tip is to use a pool noodle to stop your car door from slamming into the garage wall. You can make a soft barrier to prevent dents and scratches on your car door by cutting a pool noodle in half and taping it to the wall. This simple technique can help you avoid paying for expensive auto repairs. #momhack #momhacks #momlife #motherhood #momtips #momtipsandtricks #dollartreediy #MomofTikTok #toddlersoftiktok #lifehack #fyp #momtok #tipsandtricks ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Microfiber Cloth and Butter Knife to Deep Clean Your Blinds

By wrapping a microfiber cloth around a butter knife, you can easily clean the slats on your blinds. Users suggest using a paintbrush to sweep away dust and debris for air vents. These simple hacks can make cleaning less chore and keep your home looking its best.

@masterscleaningco #cleaningtiktok #cleaninghacks #cleaningszn #cleaningmotivation #cleaningtips #cleaningtok #asmr ♬ Paradise – TELL YOUR STORY music by Ikson™

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Transform Your Home With These Money-Saving Hacks


TikTok users have also provided tips for organizing and cleaning your home on a budget. For instance, using paint and a sponge, you may make a contemporary terrazzo design on your wall. Use contact paper to refurbish outdated appliances or furniture as another low-cost decorating trick. Make some simple DIY improvements to your house without going over budget.

@strawberry.road after researching a similar style wallpaper for hundreds I grabbed a $3 pack of sponges from the hardware store and got to work 🧽 #spongepainting ♬ The Hustle – Van McCoy

DIY Air Freshener

Baking soda and your preferred essential oils can be combined to make a homemade air freshener. For a natural and fresh aroma, put the combination in a jar with a breathable lid, like a mesh fabric, and keep it in a bathroom, closet, or other small areas.

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@elnazhamai DIY Air Freshener! #diyairfreshner #removeodor #smellfresh #deoderizer #airfreshener #nomorebadsmells ♬ TOXIC X DO I WANNA KNOW – ALTÉGO

Anybody wishing to enhance their living area should check out TikTok home hacks. These tips can significantly improve your daily life due to their usefulness, cost, and sustainability. Take some time to examine the newest home hacks the next time you browse through TikTok to see how they can make your house more livable and appealing.


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