ChatGPT: Things To Know About The Viral Artificial Intelligence Text Bot

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Author: Shannon Newman

As OpenAI’s ChatGPT goes viral as the latest AI tool, it sparks interest with a promising vision of the future of technology. Part of it includes a mix of both worry and wonder about the future of technology, especially the stand of artificial intelligence in taking over the technosphere.

Because of different reactions after its groundbreaking, ChatGPT has much more to prove, even if it has gone viral. If you are not familiar with ChatGPT, it is a software designed by OpenAI. 

The software is developed to creatively generate human-like responses to a wide array of inputs by utilizing algorithms. One of the popular feedback about the AI bot is from Varun Mayya, CEO of Avalon Labs, saying that it appears to be a human being except that it has all the world’s knowledge. 

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It sounds like a helpful AI bot. Let’s explore more of the amazing power of this software!

The Effectiveness of ChatGPT AI Bot

When it comes to the use of the ChatGPT AI Bot, users can ask it to complete different tasks, including answering questions on a wide variety of topics, solving coding problems, translating or summarizing content, and writing essays and poems. 

Furthermore, it can even respond well to follow-up questions in a conversational way. Remarkably, it is developed to be used by different users. 

In short, everyone can use it. Some say the ChatGPT AI Bot can be a friend, executive assistant, therapist, and more. It can be practically anything the user makes of it, adding a lot of value to the convenience of users. 

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With that said, it had already crossed one million users after its launch last November 30. The terms “ChatGPT” and “OpenAI” have been consistent breakout searches on Google Trends internationally. 

Is ChatGPT AI Bot free?

While it is currently free because of its research phase, it is said that the company plans to monetize it somehow at some point. Since it can be helpful with a lot of tasks, it will not be too much of a surprise that many people will be tempted to try it. Yet, that might push some to lose their jobs, which is quite scary to even imagine. 

The Risk

According to its creator, the AI bot software is not always accurate since there can also be instances where it can write plausible-sounding but incorrect or nonsensical answers. This points out the risk of users believing the bot. 


It could be quite terrifying that many will trust what it can do, while its primary feature is giving a more conversational and human-like response. 

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Ethical Concerns 

As AI develops swiftly, ethical concerns do come into play. Part of the concerns include the high cost of running it and its impact on climate change because of its high energy consumption. This leads to the question of whether running the AI bot is worth the high cost and dramatic effects on climate change. 


No doubt, the viral groundbreaking of the ChatGPT AI text bot proves that it has successfully gained the interest and popularity of many people. In fact, the company even shared that there has been an increasing demand for it right now, and there will be an increase in the price to run it. While it has been trending and viral, this text bot is still far from being the best AI text bot to trust. Nonetheless, the bot portrays the limitless power of technology.


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