Ask 3 Important Question While hiring a Real Estate Agent

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Real Estate is a fast-growing industry and except you are an old hand at selling and buying a house, everyone needs guidance about how to find a good and trustworthy real estate agent.

Here we suggest you the top 3 important questions to ask with a real state agent in an interview, this will help you to find the right real estate agent. These constitute questions to ask any real estate agent before you hire them and we also add some tips for you. And you can easily find a qualified real estate agent for yourself in your pin code.

Question 1#  what is the impact of pandemics on your work?

This one is not so much about the pandemic, it is more about finding, what is changed in your area permanently for selling and buying purposes. It is depending on your experience of the pandemic, you don’t want a bunch of people in your house who is stomping in the house for checking. On the opposite, you exploit online meetings and a lot of real estates agents are still doing something.


Question 2#  what’s your Relevant Experience?

Before choosing an agent it is more important to know the year experience and how many houses he has sold in his career as a real estate agent, it is the best way to find the right and suitable agent for you. Ask about their work experiences, this is the No. 1 question people should always ask to-be agents, and also do some deep researches about the agent.

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You should also ask about the agent’s previous buyers that the agent worked with. This question is important because years and high sales on the job can not be relevant if the agent has not worked with a buyer like you. “Years of experience does not translate into Deals of experience,” McGrath said. Seller or Buyer should be sure to ask with coming agent their last buyers because it makes it easy to get a hint about agents ability to match your expectation.


Question 3# what is your plan for marketing my house?

According to a study from the national association of Realtors, 98% of buyers search online for houses- which shows that sellers’ strong digital presence is a must. A house being marketed today needs to be similar to a magazine layout, said by home stager Karen Gray- Plaisted of Design Solution KPG.


Finding an agent who works with photographers and stagers, since most real estate agents offer the marketing services and set their major focus on finding the best houses for buyers and matching their expectations with it.

How to find the Right Agent?

Now we suggest you some key questions to ask from your agent, here are some tips for finding the ideal agent for yourself:

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  1. Get a Referral = Get yourself a referral because if they make your friends happy then maybe it is helpful for you too.
  1. Other Consideration= Listen to others’ considerations first, maybe they can suggest you for your good.
  • Check online reviews= This is the easiest way to find an agent, You can search Yelp.

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