Apple TV 4K Review – 2022

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Author: Rodriguez Wilson

Four years ago, Apple revamped its streaming device and released the Apple 4K (2017). 

Tons of Apple fanatics were left unimpressed and wanting, so last year, we got to see Apple’s second try at a first-class streaming device: that is the new and improved Apple 4K (2021).

In this post: we’ll be going over the Apple TV 4K (2021), letting you know whether a $200 price tag on this device is well worth your bucks.

Let’s jump right into it!

Apple TV 4K (2021): 2022 Review

Apple TV 4K At A Glance

The Apple TV 4k is a sleek streaming device that plays 4K resolution in HDR and Dolby Vision. The model integrates high-frame-rate HDR to make intense sports and high-speed action pictures look smoother and sharper.

Its redesigned Siri remote makes the device a pleasure to use, and there’s an array of handy mini-features like the ability for you to adjust the TV’s color calibration automatically and the option to connect your Airpods to your TV for private listening.

Also, there is a multi-user option for members of your home to open a separate TV account personalized to individual interests.


There’s no doubt that the Apple TV 4K is an expensive buy, but smooth streaming isn’t the only offering you’ll be getting from this model: your Apple 4K TV can double as the central controller of your HomeKit system.


  • Masterfully revamped Siri remote.
  • Built-in HomeKit Technology.
  • High-frame-rate HDR resolution.
  • You can stream from your favorite services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Plus, and Apple TV Plus.
  • Free Apple TV+ 3-month trial when you purchase a new Apple 4K TV


  • One of the most expensive streaming devices you’ll find on the market.
  • It isn’t compatible with non-iOS devices.
  • Your Apple TV 4K doesn’t come with an HDMI cord. (Typical Apple behavior)
  • Whether or not you subscribe to Apple TV Plus (Apple’s streaming service), most of your recommendations will be from its supported shows.

Apple TV 4K: Into The Details

Processing Power and Storage

The Apple TV 4K (2021) runs on the Apple A12 Bionic processor – the one used in the iPad and iPhone XS – which now replaces the A10X chip used in the previous version. 

Voice control 

Like most Apple devices, the TV possesses some standout voice features. With your smart rewind, you can instruct Siri to rewind a line of dialog starting from the beginning of the last line of dialog between the people you specify.

Siri will then rewind and temporarily open subtitles for the specified part and close them afterward. All you have to do is hold down the Siri button on your remote and ask – “what did (he, she, they, character name(s), etc.) say?”

You can also use your voice to browse your library, open apps, search genres, play music or movies, or even handle numbing tasks like entering passwords. 

Revamped Siri Remote

The remote we got to see with the 2017 TV was disappointing.

First of all, it was too slim and can easily get lost in crannies you didn’t know existed. Secondly, its extremely sensitive trackpad registered even the slightest shift of your finger and ran multiple unwanted commands disrupting whatever you were watching.


Luckily, Apple decided to respond to customer feedback this time and revamped the Siri remote. Now, the new Siri remote features a thicker make and abandons the old sensitive trackpad for a circular clickpad that allows you to swipe your way through navigation panels.

You can also press the clickpad to open a movie, show, song, or app. Pressing it while streaming will allow you to pause or restart the playback, and the outer ring can be used to scroll backward or forward during playback, allowing you to select a particular scene in your movie or show.

The Apple Remote now has power and mute buttons to toggle on/off and to quickly mute your TV without walking to the TV itself. (Unfortunately, this was what we had to go through with the Apple TV 4K 2017)

The 2021 TV remote comes in contrasting colors between the remote’s body and buttons, thus making it easier to use your remote in the dark. Lastly, you can connect up to two pairs of AirPods to your remote in case you ever need private listening.

Smart interface

The Apple TV takes an additional step by searching for your queries across all your streaming services and makes recommendations based on that information. 

The streaming device also bases recommendations following your history and most frequent searches. Additionally, you can connect your Apple TV with an iPhone that supports Face ID to calibrate the color balance adjustment to meet your standards.

Finally, the Apple 4K TV (2021) can also serve as the central controller of your HomeKit setup. You can control your smart home devices seamlessly thanks to the in-built Thread smart home technology.


The best part about this feature is that you can take control without even being at home, all you have to do is pass on the instructions to Siri.


As you already know, the Apple streaming device is one of the most expensive out there, and the worst part is that it doesn’t even come with an HDMI cord. 

The device sells at $180 for the 32GB storage model. We’d recommend, however, going for the pricier higher storage option which sells at $200 for 64GB worth of space.

If you are yet to switch to the 2021 model, you can get the new Siri Remote on sale at $59, 


As stated earlier, the Apple TV 4K is among the costliest streaming devices on any market, so buying the model would make sense if you’re 

Ultra High Definition picture quality, enhanced speed, and usability, seamless navigation, plus control of your HomeKit – all this and more is what to expect from Apple’s 2021 TV, but honestly, only for all-around Apple users.



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