Amazon Acquires iRobot for $1.7billion

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Author: Mike Ross

Amazon, the world’s most famous online retailer, is progressing to grow even more. The e-commerce and innovative home technology firm announced the $1.7 billion purchase of Roomba iRobot (IRBT). 

As a result of the shift, Amazon’s connected device range will soon include many smart home devices. 

Amazon is firmly committed to the way forward for smart home devices. While the robotic vacuum sector is competitive, with this deal, Amazon will be the newest bot developer.

Will Amazon Overtake the Bot Niche?

Big companies within the robotic vacuum area, such as Deebot, Eufy, Shark, and a slew of others, create a competitive environment for Amazon.

However, it’s not only about developing more innovative gadgets. Amazon’s acquisition is an element of a bigger goal to keep its Prime service in users’ eyes; which it can do by providing more devices that link to the platform.

Prime Members

The prime goal of Amazon’s e-commerce company is to enroll everyone in its Prime program. The $14.99 a month or $139 yearly subscription provides customers with fast shipping and other exclusive services. People who purchase Prime are more likely to shop for things from Amazon, which may be a double win for the corporation. 

After all, Amazon collects monthly or yearly charges, so it takes a share of the items received.

Nonetheless, iRobot’s existing portfolio provides Amazon with another product to entice its users and stay even more relevant in the industry. 

Creating new Level Bots

As Amazon sells its robot, Astro, iRobot’s devices, on the other hand, will assist Amazon in expanding its collection of in-home robots. 

The tiny robot, which resembles Alexa on wheels, is only accessible by invitation and costs $999. Astro will cost $1,499 when it’s released to the general public.

On the other hand, Astro looks like a half-baked bot with no clear direction. According to some reviewers, Astro is not good at any of the tasks assigned to it. Reviewers complain about issues from the bot having difficulty identifying a home’s structure to do its function.

The Future of iRobot with Amazon

While iRobot’s gadgets mainly focus on activities like vacuuming and mopping, the company’s technology can benefit Amazon because it expands its home robot capabilities.

The iRobot purchase will be necessary for Amazon’s data collection ambitions. 

According to Ian Greenblatt, who leads J.D. Power’s Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Smart unit, Roombas develops layouts of the house so that it knows where it has been, where it’s going, and the way clean those areas are.

The good news is that iRobot devices already support Alexa. As a result, iRobot’s in-house specialists are already well aware of Amazon’s technology. You can easily use Alexa to command your household appliance and assign tasks. 


The Roomba’s mobility is essential. Amazon already has numerous in-home bots. This acquisition will enable Amazon to create a new generation of intelligent devices. People are surprised by the mobility and technology of bots, and it is just the beginning. With the latest acquisition by Amazon, the company is likely to become the leader in A. I niche. 

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