5 Seasonal Jobs That Pays $15 per Hour or More With Benefits

Need extra cash? Check out these companies that are offering seasonal jobs and hiring thousands!

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Author: Shiloh Kelly

If you’re unemployed or simply searching for a short-term job, you might want to consider acquiring a seasonal job. Seasonal jobs can be temporary or full-time positions offered by businesses to complete specialized tasks. Seasonal employment is an excellent source of income if you want to supplement your income or increase your earnings.

This post will cover five seasonal jobs that pay $15 per hour or more and come with additional perks.

1. Target

Target operates over 1,500 stores, fulfillment facilities, and distribution hubs worldwide. They are also hiring thousands of new team members in logistics, sales, cashiering, stock management, and catering services, as some of their store locations have cafés on-site.

Target employees also enjoy a 10% discount on all Target items and a 20% discount on wellness purchases. Target’s On-Demand concept also allows employees with unpredictable schedules to take up more hours, giving them greater flexibility.

Target seasonal employees also have complimentary access to mental health and online medical appointments during their employment period. Target pays about $15 per hour and more in select areas.

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2. Walmart

With more than 5,000 store locations nationwide, Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the country with 90 percent of American employees living within 10 miles radius of each designated store.

Walmart, like its competitors, has over a hundred thousand seasonal job postings nationally. Seasonal workers can make between $17 and $34 per hour assisting Walmart with retail, curbside, and online services.

With 75 percent of its salaried store managers beginning their careers as hourly employees, Walmart employees have a viable path to career growth. Walmart also provides full-tuition and book reimbursement through their Live Better U initiative.

If you move to a full-time position, you will be eligible for additional benefits such as paid time off, parental leave, and many more.

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3. UPS

To help with the seasonal surge, UPS hires drivers and package handlers. Their seasonal pay ranges from $15 to $22 per hour, UPS seasonal employees can increase their earnings by enrolling in the company’s Earn and Learn program, which pays approximately $1300 toward an employee’s higher education expenses. Additionally, specific locations give weekly bonuses of up to $200.

If you want to turn your seasonal employment into full-time, applying for a seasonal position at UPS may provide you with the opportunity.

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4. FedEx

FedEx is looking to hire more than 85,000 people for driving, package handling, data analytics, and IT positions.

If you think you can handle warehouse activities, or have related skills, you should consider applying to FedEx. 

The company offers wages up to $19.50 per hour for all shifts (morning, afternoon, and overnight) with premium pay for full-time workers.

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5. Macy’s

Macy’s is looking to fill approximately 100,000 seasonal employment openings in its retail shops, fulfillment centers, virtual chat jobs, customer service, and support.

Employees also receive a 20% discount on all Macy’s items, a flexible work schedule, overtime shifts, a $500 referral bonus, and route to advancement incentives. Working as a seasonal employee at Macy’s can pay up to $15 per hour.

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While many of the roles discussed in this article are seasonal, most of them can lead to a full-time position. Even if it is a temporary job, getting your foot in the door is a terrific way to acquire a more permanent position and progress in your career.

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